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Solar Dominion(Unlimited Money)


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Solar Dominion mod apk App Description

Solar Dominion(Unlimited Money) Year 2824, the Solar System has been finally colonised by humankind but war,... war never changes. Ambitious factions confront each other for resources and power. Choose one of the five different factions: the Terran Empire bend on system wide domination, the greedy Saturn Federation always looking for new capitalistic ventures, the Jupiter Black Dawn living life of piracy and illicte gains, artificial living beings the Replicant Rebels wanting to create a new techno civilization, or the Martian Alliance trying to survive the harsh realities of the Solar System.

Pilot one of the 200 different space ships, from small and agile interceptors to large and powerful capital ships. Recruit up to 12 wingmen to aid you during epic space battles in and around a 100 space battle fields in the Solar System. Upgrade your ships with over a 1000 types of modifications, hardware, softwares, special abilities and unique weapons.

Slowly increase the size of your zone of influence in the solar system to acquire new resources to build ships, weapons and armor. And when the time comes, directly confront the rival faction home base, and eliminate them once and for all!

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Size:393 MBVersion:1.0.13



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