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Little Space : Always On


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Little Space : Always On mod apk Game Description

Why limit yourself, when we can achieve greater?

There are always things we want to try, and experiences we want to have, but what holds us back? The only limit is our imagination.

Let's break free from the norm and do something better, something different, together.

Why apps? Because they make life easier and more beautiful.

Little Space brings you what you've always wanted: a beautiful Always On Display with stunning collections, a powerful Customization Panel, loads of animations, and much more.

Tired of the same old LockScreen? Give Little Space: Always on AOD Collection a try.

Has the standard notification shade become too mundane? Try something new! Little Space offers personal space for your notifications in vertical, horizontal, and other exciting layouts.

Looking for a better way to save your daily notes? Little Space offers a timeline feature. Add things directly to your timeline or share from other apps, creating your own timeline of notes, but better.

Little Space offers multiple customization options for backgrounds, batteries, calendars, dates, LockScreen music players, notifications, and timelines. Each one has different layouts to choose from to match your needs.

Little Space supports backgrounds of colors with gradients and shades. Use wallpapers to decorate the screen, try GIFs, select images, use live wallpapers, or even use your own video as wallpaper, and much more.

After granting notification permission, Little Space will display all your notifications in a new and structured way, allowing you to customize their appearance and various aspects of different variants.

Little Space features a timeline where you can add texts as notes, capture or add images from the gallery, include videos or documents, and create your own personal feeds. Share content like text, images, videos, and PDFs from other apps, and Little Space's timeline will store it beautifully.

Go even further with MySpace in Little Space, a personal AOD space where you can combine AOD with backgrounds, batteries, dates, players, notifications, and timelines, creating new AODs of your own. Try different elements and make something unique; the possibilities are endless, and you can save them in MySpace as variants of collections of AODs that match your preferences.

Key Features:

Select AOD/Clock from the collection and apply.
Personal space for customization, editing, saving, and applying.
Create multiple variants of AOD in MySpace.
Combine different variants of battery, date, background, player, notification, and timeline, and save them to your liking.
Explore notifications and notes in new ways with AOD Notification and Timeline.
Adjust screen brightness via quick settings.
Toggle between 24-hour and 12-hour digital clocks.
Battery, date, and other visibility toggles on AOD.
Auto AOD timeout with auto-close.
Support for orientation and multiple screen sizes.
Pocket mode.
Clean and minimal AOD.
Explore more features!
Our diverse and ever-growing collection supports various screen sizes and orientations. Some of our collections include:

Particles Clock
Circle Clock
Planets Clock
Clock of Clock
Cartoon Clock
Analog Clock
Digital Clock
Large Clock
Customizable Clock
Editable Clock
Text Clock
Live Wallpaper Clock
Screensaver Clock
Quotation Clock
FullScreen Clock
Nothing(1) Clock
Google Pixel
Half Concentric Clock
Always on Display Clock
Always on Screen Clock
Giant Clock
Night Clock
Lock Screen Clock
Typing Clock
Typewriter Clock
Flip Clock
Memo Clock
Live Wallpaper
Video Wallpaper
Gif Wallpaper
Vertical Notes
Horizontal Notes
Timeline Notes
Notification Style
Notification Customization
Explore the limitless possibilities of design with LittleSpace: Always On AOD.

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Little Space : Always On mod apk Information

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Language:EnglishDevelopers:Tortuous Developers


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