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Hole House18+

Type:Role PlayingVersion:1.0

Tag: Single Player Role Playing


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Hole House mod apk App Description

Hole House apk Is The Best Fully Customisable Sex Game . In the House you will have access to over 30 girls and counting along with 20 unique scene's to view each of them in, but first you will need to do some tasks and quests to progress through the game customising parts of your Hole House along the way.

You will be given access to 4 character's and the first scene once you enter the house and upon completing the first tutorial quest you will gain access to your phone. The phone is the main thing that gives you access to quest's, upgrading the house, traveling to different locations and much more so make sure you check out all the apps on it.

After you have your phone there are two main thing's you are going to want to do to take full advantage of the Hole House. Firstly check the scene quest's, this will show you what you need to do to unlock scene's. Once you have completed a scene quest that scene will be available to all the girl's you have unlocked

Secondly you will want to check what girls you still have to unlock, if you have unlocked a girl her quest icon will turn grey to show there are no more quest's for you to do with her.

Be careful though, like any good business the Hole House employees need to be kept happy no matter what and some of these employees can be very demanding.

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