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Totally Accurate Battle Simulator


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Totally Accurate Battle Simulator mod apk App Description

Important hint:Because the game package is too large to be integrated into a package for one-click installation, please follow the prompts to complete the operation. The game has been tested and can run normally.

1、After the game is downloaded, there will be two files: "yuzu emulator.apk" and "Totally Accurate Battle Simulator.nsp". Install "yuzu emulator.apk" first. After installation, you will get a "yuzu" app, and then put " "Totally Accurate Battle Simulator.nsp"" is moved under the "Storage\hackapkmod" file,Then follow the steps below to run the operation

2、Start the yuzu emulator, first select the secret key file prod.keys, 

the file location is“Phone\Internal Storage\hackapkmod\prod.keys”

3、The second step is to select the game file,“ Phone\Internal Storage\hackapkmod”,Just select the hackapkmod folder directly, 

and the yuzu emulator will automatically recognize the game files.

4、If your phone meets the custom settings of the driver file, please select "GPU driver manager" in the settings, 

click "install" in the file directory Phone\Internal Storage\hackapkmod, and select "Inside Driver.zip" to install the driver. 

Please use custom settings to run the game. Driver. If your phone does not support custom drivers, 

you can skip this step and run the game directly.

5、Recommended configuration of mobile phone,Android 12、Snapdragon 870,

For mobile phones with lower configuration than this, the game will not run smoothly.

Be the leader of wobblers from ancient lands, spooky places, and fantasy worlds. Watch them fight in simulations made with the wobbliest

 physics system ever created, make your own wobblers in the unit creator and send your army off to fight your friends in multiplayer.

Need network Free No need for Google play
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