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Welcome to the world of Tut

A lively and imaginative playground where children can unleash their creativity and embark on exciting adventures! Entering the charming world of Tut City, it is a bustling metropolis full of endless possibilities.

In the city of Tutankhamun, you will discover various charming locations tailored to the interests of children and girls. Visit the charming hair salon, where you can design and create wonderful shapes for your character. Explore bustling shopping centers where you can fully enjoy virtual shopping frenzy and find the perfect clothing and accessories that meet your character's fashion needs. Don't forget to charge in the delightful food square, offering a range of delicious food and dishes to satisfy any appetite.

Once you explore Tut City, you can adventure into your first apartment, which is a comfortable and customizable space where you can decorate to your heart's content. Using home designer tools, you can choose from a wide range of furniture, appliances, and decorations, unleash your interior decoration skills, and design your dream home. Create a comfortable bedroom, a stylish living room, and even a magical gaming room where your character can enjoy endless fun.

But the Tut world has not stopped here! As you continue your adventure, you will unlock a series of charming locations beyond the city of Tut. Visit the beach kissed by the sun, where you can build a sand castle, swim in the shimmering ocean, and have an unforgettable picnic with your character. Explore the enchanting forest where you can encounter whimsical creatures and embark on exciting missions. Climb the majestic mountain range, where you can conquer challenging paths and enjoy magnificent scenery.

On your journey, you will discover hidden secrets and encounter a series of colorful characters that will stimulate your imagination. There are over 2000 characters to collect, each with their own unique personality and story, and you will never lack new friends and adventures.

The Tut world is not just a game; It is also a platform for learning and education. Take time to understand roles, participate in role-playing scenarios, and teach important courses on friendship, kindness, and problem-solving. Parents can also participate in guiding story creativity and introducing new concepts in an interactive and engaging way.

Download Tut World for free on iOS and Android, let your imagination soar! Create your own story, design stunning homes, and explore charming locations. Power is in your hands, you can shape the world of Tut and embark on endless adventures. Start your journey today and unlock the magic of creative games!

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Language:EnglishDevelopers:Hainan Hengdou Network Technology Co., Ltd.

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