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Haunted Rooms Spooky Shooter(Unlimited Money)


Tag: Action Role Playing


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Haunted Rooms Spooky Shooter mod apk App Description


Welcome to Haunted Rooms: Spooky FPS, a thrilling first person shooter game that takes you into a nightmare like abnormal area with new horror in every corner.

Enjoy shooting possessed electronic dolls, haunted puppets, and evil mechanical dolls with intent to harm.

Combine different weapons and abilities to eliminate all enemies and become the best monster hunter.


*Close combat shotgun: very suitable for those who enjoy close contact with enemies, providing powerful explosions that can knock down enemies in one shot.

*Assault rifle: very suitable for those who want a balance method, providing a combination of power and accuracy to deal with various range threats.

*Bolt action weapons: For sharpshooters, these weapons provide precision and high damage, allowing you to pierce enemies from a distance.

*Flame thrower: Ignite your enemies with this terrifying weapon, perfect for clearing small groups of enemies or dealing sustained damage to more powerful ones.

*Rocket Launcher: Releases explosive damage to enemies, making it ideal for eliminating groups of enemies or causing significant damage to individual targets.

*Laser Gun: For those who enjoy a futuristic feel, these weapons provide high-tech firepower with destructive effects.

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