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UniverseSandBox mod apk App Description


A physics-based 3d space simulator that allows you to create, destroy, and interact on an unimaginable scale. Become the ultimate planet destroyer or solar smasher, in the best galaxy destruction 3d game. Tap in space to unleash a barrage of asteroids on an unsuspecting world.

How To Play:
- Discover Sandbox Planets, design/create your own solar system, galaxy, universe, space, and enjoy watching them orbit, collide and smash each other in a cosmic dance in your pocket.
- Start with a small asteroid absorbing other asteroids to form a solar system.
- Adjust the galaxy speed as you like it most.
- Explore how life develops in your solar system through the planet journal.
- Screenshot your complete galaxy with stars and share it with family/friends.

- Enjoy Stars and constellation of the night sky as viewed from any given location on Earth.
- A video tutorial explains the galaxy, gravity effect, and destruction simulator.
- Huge variety of particles, procedural planets, gas giants, and stars.
- Gravity simulator with realistic orbit physics.
- Interactive journal to track your universe simulator 3d.

Explore space, discover your dream galaxy and play with the solar system in this immersive idle planet building simulator.

Universe space 3D provides you the ultimate power to explore the infinite space and simulate your own universe where you customize each different planet and star.
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Language:EnglishDevelopers:Kunhar Games

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