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The Touge(Unlimited Money)


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The Touge(Unlimited Money) mod apk App Description

The Touge(Unlimited Money) Touge - mountain pass which consists of many narrow winding roads.
Touge racing - a term that came from Japan, means passing a winding section of mountainous terrain in the shortest possible time, drift is often used to reduce cornering time.

This game is designed to simulate touge drift and racing, the gameplay is as follows, you need to pass the touge config in the min possible time to get the reward and use the drift to get extra profit.

First, you need to choose a car, each car has 7 variations, stock, 3 drift stages, and 3 racing stages, each stage has its benefits, and you need to choose the one that will be optimal for your driving style, if you like drifting, choose drift stages, if you like max grip, choose the racing stage, racing stages have a good feature, it allows you to take turns in a small drift and not lose stability on the road.

After choosing your favorite car, you can tune it and go to the touge, training base, or drift school. The game features more than 80 touge configs, by choosing a config you get to the mountainous area where your main goal is, go the way in the min possible time to take first place, passing turns in drift, you get drift points that are equivalent to in-game currency, at the end of the race you get up to 4 rewards, one of three prizes, money for drift points, cash reward for time record and record drift points on the completed touge config.

Also, you can practice and farm money in the drift school by collecting drift points that are converted into in-game currency, the session in the drift school has no time limits, this is a great place to improve your skills and earn money for new cars, tuning, and locations.

Ready to be the king of the mountain?

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The Touge(Unlimited Money) mod apk Information

Size:271 MBVersion:1.0.6


Language:EnglishDevelopers:Volodymyr Bozhko

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