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THE WAR - Black Stone


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THE WAR - Black Stone mod apk App Description

In 2069, humanity discovered a high-energy density mineral, the Black Stone. Countries vied for control of this resource, leading to conflicts that culminated in a global war in 2085, known as the First Black Stone War. Five years after the war began, humanity developed the Core-Gear, a giant war machine powered by Black Stone. Its immense combat capabilities had an immediate impact on the war, and within a year, the world briefly returned to peace. The world split into three major factions: the Black Eagle Union representing democracy and freedom, the White Bear Front representing the people, and the neutral Suzaku Covenant in the East. However, true peace never arrived, and the crisis of war continues...
Innovative Real-time 4X Game
A creative fusion of RTS and 4X core experience, with real-time battles and minimalistic operation, allowing players to focus more on development, strategy, and social interaction.

Grid-based strategic rules
Expansion, construction, development, and battles occur in real-time and intuitively in the "grid". A large battlefield composed of over 10,000 grids supports dozens of players to cooperate and compete.

RougeLike elements in strategy building
In the process of developing an empire, players will continuously have the opportunity to choose "pondering cards". After dozens of random three-choice selections, you will eventually build your own strategic card combination.

Heroic mechas that determine the outcome of battles
Dozens of distinct heroes drive Core-Gear to gallop across the battlefield. With the reasonable use of heroes' "active strategic skills", one can dominate the war.

Game modes:
Adventure mode
Follow the plot to become familiar with the basic game rules, and gradually deepen your understanding of the game's world view.

Evacuation mode
16 players participate in a 3-day grand strategic confrontation. Find a teammate, become the commander and lead everyone to victory!

Alliance mode
18 players are divided into three factions for a 5-day grand strategic confrontation. Instead of simply eliminating opponents, become a true strategist through cooperation and alliances!

Camp Introduction
White Bear Front Arms
The design mainly highlights the characteristics of heavy industry and heavy machinery and uses heavy bomb weapons and electromagnetic weapons. For example, the K-47 Aviation Fortress: the only weapon in the game that can provide a powerful ground strike in the air, and it is very difficult to sink

Black Hawk Combined Arms
The design mainly highlights the characteristics of modern high-tech combat troops, and a large number of optical weapons are used.For example, Rhino Heavy Tank: is the toughest tank in the game, has an energy shield, and can withstand high damage in frontline combat

Vermilion Phoenix Alliance Force.
The design mainly emphasizes the combination of classical and technological elements, and the tech tree features an Eastern mystical style. Currently, still in the design and production stage...

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