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Clash Island(Unlimited Money)


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Clash Island mod apk App Description

Clash Island(Unlimited Money) is a unique 3D strategy game. In the game, you will use the strategy of breaking into the island to confront the dangers of the Ocrs to rescue the dwarf prisoners.


Once upon a time, in Northern Europe many dwarves were known for their intelligence and hard work; they lived together in solidarity on mountains or rocks and were skilled craftsmen. According to Viking legend, there was a tribe of dwarves who specialized in making weapons for the gods, famous for being hammers and axes - these were weapons that caused great damage.

At the same time, there was a fierce creature - Orc, they served the dark lord, their ancestors were the Elf captured by the dark lord, and they were tortured to the point of changing their appearance. They were ordered to capture and imprison the most elite dwarven blacksmiths on isolated islands to produce quality weapons to serve the battles for supremacy.

Always longing for freedom, with the help of other allied forces, Dwarves combined into armies to escape imprisonment on the islands. So, with their advantages in the mountains and their ingenuity, can the dwarves successfully apply the island terrain to rescue themselves? Let's watch it together!


- Real-time 3D strategy game: Choose your position and move your troops to fight the Orcs, each dwarven army has its countermeasures to the threats posed. Use your tactics cleverly and plan your evacuation carefully!
- Intelligent unit controls: You command your broad defenses and oversee positioning — your soldiers do the rest, intuitively navigating and engaging to respond to the situation.
- Unique maps: Each island has a unique layout. Plan your strategy at every corner to rescue them from the rocks. Take advantage of each island to fight enemies
- Unlock upgrades: Stronger, smarter defense brings greater rewards. Upgrade and train your Dwarves into experienced warriors.

Download Clash Island: Save the Dwaves & join in the adventurous journey to rescue dwarf prisoners!

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