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MA 1 President Simulator(Unlimited Money)


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MA 1 President Simulator(Unlimited Money) mod apk App Description

MA 1 President Simulator(Unlimited Money) Can you conquer the entire world? Join the legendary state management strategy game, a true president simulator in the 21st century.

It immerses you in the world of politics, diplomacy, wars, and development, where your task is to lead your nation to glory and prosperity. Your country, your rule, your history!

Enhance the global dominance of the USA or vie for the world crown by choosing China. Become a wise leader of a thriving India or a just ruler of sunny Argentina. What will you pick?

Choose a president to govern your state, from Africa to America, from Europe to Australia. The whole world is open before you to fulfill your ambitions.

Game Features:

◈ Country Management ◈

You take full control and choose your path, whether it's a magnificent empire or a small nation. Enact new laws, military and economic. Determine the leading ideology in the country, its religion, and find brothers in faith. Complete tasks to earn gold, resources, and other bonuses.

◈ Foreign Policy ◈

Your decisions on the world stage are crucial. Form defensive alliances, build representations, sign agreements and pacts. Make friends and partners among other countries, and remember - enemies do not sleep.

Participate in the UN, propose resolutions, and influence international politics.

◈ War and Peace ◈

Address the security concerns of your nation. Create a powerful army, explore modern types of weapons, and participate in military campaigns upon the requests of other countries.

Start wars and fend off attacks, annex territories, and fight for world domination. But remember, peaceful resolution can also be an effective tool of foreign policy.

◈ Golden Age ◈

Lead your country to unprecedented wealth, engage in global trade, impose taxes, create economic unions, and shape your country's trade policy.

Produce chocolate, bread, fruits, fish, gold, uranium, oil; compete for economic leadership.

◈ Cultural Heritage ◈

Open new horizons and explore various aspects of culture. Build theaters, libraries, museums, galleries, hold concerts, carnivals, host the FIFA World Cup, and develop sports.

Boxing, football, hockey, basketball, and many more. Compete for top positions on the world stage.

Modern Age is an exciting strategy game where your decisions and actions shape the future of your nation. Build your world, grow, and lead your country to greatness in the New Age era! Your story is just beginning

Join millions of players worldwide and become a great leader of the Modern Age!

The game is localized into the following languages: English, Spanish, Ukrainian, Portuguese, French, Chinese, Russian, Turkish, Polish, German, Arabic, Italian, Japanese, Indonesian.

? Have questions or issues with the game? Write to us at info@oxiwyle.com.

✅ Join our Discord community to stay informed about all the news and updates first: https://discord.com/invite/bNzwYDNstc

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