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Idle Bao's Prison(Free Rewards)


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Idle Bao's Prison mod apk App Description

Idle Bao's Prison(Free Rewards) In this game, you will play as Master Bao, assuming the dual roles of a wise judge and a meticulous prison warden. The game integrates wisdom and challenge, allowing you to showcase Master Bao's dignity in the world of ancient-style 3D, unraveling the mysteries of Master Bao's cases while managing hyper-realistic prison scenarios.

As Master Bao, you must discern every clue in each case, unveiling hidden truths. By delivering correct judgments, you will earn vast prestige and gain recognition from the court, swiftly rising through the ranks to become a prominent official.

In the aspect of prison management, you will construct and oversee the prison facilities. You can upgrade cell blocks, bathhouses, labor yards, and dining halls to provide a decent living environment, as well as improve kitchens, laundry rooms, storage areas, and guard quarters to enhance the working conditions of officials.

During the process of managing inmates, you will employ a variety of punishment tools to discipline them and facilitate successful rehabilitation. Additionally, you must address incidents of inmate violence swiftly, maintaining order and safety within the prison walls.

Through delivering judgments and governing the prison, you will accumulate substantial prestige, gain favor from the court, and gradually ascend to higher official positions.

The game features 3D ancient-styled graphics with rich animations and dynamic day-night cycles, presenting a realistic and challenging ancient world. Here, embodying the role of Master Bao, you will balance wisdom and strategy, exploring truths and managing prisons, experiencing the charm of the past and present intertwining seamlessly!

- Judging Gameplay: Discern every clue in each case, seeking hidden truths! Earn vast prestige through judgments, gaining recognition from the court and swiftly advancing in rank!
- Simulation Management Gameplay: Construct prisons, manage inmates. Upgrade cell blocks, bathhouses, labor yards, and dining halls to provide a normal living environment; upgrade kitchens, laundry rooms, storage areas, and guard quarters to improve the working environment of officials.
- Disciplining Inmates: Utilize various punishment tools to discipline inmates and facilitate successful rehabilitation!
- Suppressing Riots: Manage incidents of inmate violence, swiftly quelling riots when they occur!
- Promotion: Through judgments and prison governance, earn substantial prestige, gain favor from the court, and rise in official rank!
- Graphics: 3D ancient-styled graphics; rich animations; dynamic day-night cycles.

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Language:EnglishDevelopers:candy madness

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