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PC Tycoon(Unlimited Money) mod apk App Description

PC Tycoon(Unlimited Money) Welcome to PC Tycoon! It's 2012, the computer industry is developing from year to year, and a computer has been in every home for a long time, so you decide to start your own computer company! You have to start from the very bottom and become a giant in the technology industry! In this economic strategy, you will have to develop your computer components: processors, video cards, motherboards, RAM, power supplies and disks, operating systems and laptops. Research new technologies, upgrade offices, hire and fire employees, in the race for the title of the greatest computer company in history! On the way to success, you will find a lot of breakdown and unforeseen events — crises, falling and growing demand for components, high competition with other companies. A truly successful businessman should be able to adapt to possible events! You need to use your funds wisely. Improve the office or buy advertising? Create more copies or save money for a rainy day? Every decision will affect the course of the game!

Throughout the 23 years of the game, your business will be actively developing: you will be able to open up to 8 different offices with their own technologies, increase revenue and sales volumes by conducting special researches and come out on top in the companies rating that also do not stand still!

Competing companies will produce their products and grow throughout the game! From year to year, the competition will become higher, and the products will become more technologically advanced. The main thing is to keep up with the times! Don't forget to follow the news to know what's relevant right now!

Growth without cooperation with other companies is almost impossible, so you can use components from other manufacturers in the production of your laptops.

You can be absolutely sure that critics will evaluate your products as fairly as possible: you will receive points for the price, technology and the introduction of new technologies.

Managing your company is not easy, so you will be offered step-by-step training that will introduce you to the basics of the game.

It's always nice to turn back and look warmly at your past work. To do this, the game has a creation history. There you can see all the components, OS and laptops you created. You can also view the full statistics of the game and the history of completed games, if you are not playing for the first time.

The game has many other useful features, such as customization of the main menu, selection of background soundtrack or virtual assistant, which you can get acquainted with by downloading the game!

I wish you success and having a nice game!

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PC Tycoon(Unlimited Money) mod apk Information

Size:223 MBVersion:2.2.18


Language:EnglishDevelopers:Insignis Games

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