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Cash Masters(Money increases)


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Cash Masters(Money increases) mod apk App Description

Cash Masters(Money increases) Welcome to the Cash Masters - an addictive tycoon simulator game where you can choose whom you want to become! Ever dreamed of becoming a millionaire or billionaire? Philanthropist or playboy? Everything depends on you! Make your dream come true in this idle tycoon simulation game!

You can try to grow up the career ladder from rags and poverty to a top specialist or even a head of a company! Become an entrepreneur and open one or more businesses in a row. Invest wisely and make influential acquaintances with the cream of society.

Anyone can become rich and conquer the world! Prove to everyone that there is no one better and richer than you in the whole universe. Spend money as you like and enjoy life.

Develop personal relationship with beautiful women. Choose the best and make her a marriage proposal. Build a family, raise children, and then grandchildren. Feel family happiness!

Accumulate millions in your account, buy businesses, enjoy the decisions you make. And if something goes wrong at a certain moment, then use the time machine, go back in time and start all over again!

- Easy path to riches
- Tons of earning options
- A lot of luxury items
- Many ways for development
- Different ways to earn money
- Colorful graphics and heroes
- Fun and addictive gameplay
- Amazing choices and plot
- Billions of money in our game

When all the money in the world becomes yours, you will have to choose between planet salvation and your own pleasure...If you decide to save the planet, you can build a spaceship and colonize a new planet! Build a reliable and technologically advanced ship, prepare the essentials for colonization and set off on a space journey!

And if you choose entertainment, well - your decision. Let every million spent be a joy to you. Collect cars, meet the hottest girls and dive into the most pleasant moments of life with billions in your account. Forget about traffic jams with your personal yacht and business jet. Live in a luxurious mansion outside the city, in a villa on a private island, or in the most luxurious apartment in the center of the metropolis.

Everyone can become a rich person, you just have to want it. Having earned all the money in the world, you can choose: spend it all on yourself or save the planet and all living beings? Download right now and make all your dreams come true in this real life simulator!

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Cash Masters(Money increases) mod apk Information

Size:173 MBVersion:1.5.2


Language:EnglishDevelopers:USPEX Games

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