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Bengkel Simulator Indonesia(Unlimited Money)


Tag: Simulation Stunt driving


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Bengkel Simulator Indonesia(Unlimited Money) App Description

Bengkel Simulator Indonesia(Unlimited Money) Back again with VerlyGamedev, thank you friends who have always supported VerlyGamedev to always support making local Indonesian games, thank you!

So guys, this is what you've been waiting for, the Indonesian Simulator Workshop Game!
It's been released, you can download it directly and of course it's free!
The gameplay is very exciting because this Motorcycle Workshop Simulator game makes you happy to play it, especially if you are a motorbike lover and like to work on engines, of course it will be suitable to play this Indo Motorcycle Simulator Workshop game...

In this Workshop Simulator Game you will of course open your own Motorcycle Workshop, you are there as a motorbike mechanic where later many consumers or customers will request to have their motorbikes serviced at your workshop. At the start of the game you can only CHANGE THE TIRE VELKS ONLY, if you already have one. If you save more, you can buy other display racks such as oil and exhaust on the wall which you can buy. If you can later change the motorbike oil, replace the motorbike rims, replace the consumer motorbike exhaust and being able to MODIFY the motorbike, of course it will be even more exciting. Lots of Exhaust Spare Parts, Oil, RcBe Velk etc. It's really exciting!

Not only can you open a shop next to your workshop, but of course you have to unlock the door with the gold you have, there you can sell all your motorbike needs, such as helmets, motorbike jackets, gloves, motorbike shockbreakers, and other gear spare parts that you can buy. Sell it in your shop of course...

And not only that, the gameplay will of course get boring, as a motorbike mechanic, repairing consumer motorbikes in a repair shop and opening a motorbike equipment shop doesn't seem like much fun! That's why VerlyGameDev created the Racing Mode gameplay!

where you can compete in motorbike drag racing with the motorbike you like. There are lots of Indonesian motorbikes and they can be modified of course...!
How about fun? Basically, you have to download it now!
Don't forget to give a 5 star rating so that I will continue to be enthusiastic about creating other local games!

Thanks guys!

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Size:122 MBVersion:0.1.5



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