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Supermarket Simulator


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Supermarket Simulator mod apk App Description

Run your own supermarket. Stock shelves, handle cashier tasks, process online orders, design & expand. Set the prices based on the market. Be prepared to face the consequences

 if you fail to make the nightly repayment to the gangs.

Step into "Supermarket Simulator", a first-person simulation where every detail of running a supermarket comes alive.

Design your store, optimizing for efficiency and aesthetics. Determine where products are displayed, manage your aisles, and ensure a smooth shopping experience for your customers.

Order stock using an in-game computer and anticipate the arrival of your next delivery. Unpack goods, organize them in your storage room and display them on shelves, fridges,

 and freezers.

Read product barcodes, handle cash and credit card transactions, and ensure customers leave satisfied with their shopping and checkout experience.

Navigate the complexities of a real-time market. Buy products when prices dip and determine the best-selling prices to balance customer satisfaction with profit margins.

Your entrepreneurial journey starts with a loan from gangs. Ensure you repay your nightly dues to avoid confrontations and potential store disruptions.

Receive online orders via your in-game computer. Carefully prepare and package each order, handle the checkout process, and hand it off to a moto courier for delivery, ensuring

 timely and accurate service.

As you accumulate profits, consider reinvesting. Expand your store's physical space, upgrade interiors, and continually adapt to the evolving demands of the retail world.

In "Supermarket Simulator", every decision matters. Will you rise to the occasion, transforming a modest establishment into a retail powerhouse, all while balancing customer 

satisfaction, finances, and mafia expectations?

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Language:简体中文Developers:Nokta Games

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