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Days of Planet Earth

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Days of Planet Earth mod apk App Description

Exciting news! We are introducing a huge version update this time.

This is a world infected by alien microorganisms. The ground is covered by a colorful carpet of mutated plants and fungi, and there are mutated animals and zombies everywhere. You must build shelters as quickly as possible, work with fellow survivors to eliminate the mutated creatures and explore the mysteries of this world.

1. Build a shelter: build a base to survive in the crisis-ridden world. You can use the limited resources around to build buildings and craft survival equipment to face the threat of monsters and zombies.
2. Explore the wilderness: Send your expedition team in the area around the shelter. Explore unknown areas to gather unique resources and information. As your shelter continues to expand, you'll even have the opportunity to lead forces to explore the entirety of the vast world.
3. Master the strategy: Properly matching the heroes under your command to the appropriate skills will make you invincible. The high degree of freedom and gorgeous graphics will give you a rich and intricate combat experience.
4. Change the world: There are a variety of NPCs and monsters on the world map, as well as continually unfolding dynamic events. Your choices will have an impact on them, changing the world around you in subtle ways.
5. Make friends: Form alliances with other players and fight with other alliances for resources. Unite to save human civilization!

Make a splash in this exciting and mysterious land. Change the world with your friends!

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Size:2.07 GBVersion: (4967)


Language:EnglishDevelopers:Chiseled Games Japan株式会社

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