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白荊迴廊- CBT

Type:Role PlayingVersion:1.0.0

Tag: Role Playing


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白荊迴廊- CBT mod apk App Description

At the intersection of the world, we meet people we have seen before.
Welcome to - "Senluo".
At 13:46 on April 1, 1116 in the Senluo Calendar, a huge hole appeared in the sky above the northern district of Hailin City, and a broken world fell, and the worlds converged here...
Soon after, crystals with unknown energy precipitated from the ruins. In subsequent research, a group of people who awakened special abilities under the influence of the unknown crystal were discovered. They were called "Synchronizers."
People were forced to enter a new era, an era of "White Wattle Technology" that coexists with unknown energy.
【Game Features】
- Exquisite vertical painting, ups and downs of the plot
Based on a unique and huge world view, it adopts a delicate and diverse art style that emphasizes both 2D and 3D, and diversified character creation. Here, as the CEO of "Bai Jing Technology", you will meet many "visitors from another world", work together to resist unprecedented risks, and explore the causes of turmoil.
- Professional elements, strategic matching
There are seven major professions: iron warrior, sharp edge, light guard, wanderer, architect, tactician, and protector. Seven elemental attributes of frost, water, thunder, fire, erosion, wind, and physics. Flexible selection of characters for battle and pre-arrangement. Form and adjust your position in time, use elemental reactions and professional characteristics to choose the right time to release character skills, and create an invincible synchronizer team.
- Patrolling the corridors, unique development
Freely match the battle lineup and memory imprints, choose appropriate skills during the tour, and create exclusive tactical imprints to enhance the team's combat effectiveness and cope with difficult challenges.
- Afternoon tea break, a moment of leisure
Feel free to DIY tea drinks, invite as many people as you like, interact with the same tuners, and learn more about their stories.

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白荊迴廊- CBT mod apk Information

Size:3.49 GBVersion:1.0.0


Language:EnglishDevelopers:HaoPlay Limited

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