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Stickman Mafia Wars(Unlimited Money)

Type:Role PlayingVersion:1.0.0

Tag: Action Role Playing


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Stickman Mafia Wars mod apk App Description


Stickman Mafia City War is a gangster crime action game with a third person hero simulator. As a superhero game application - offline game, become a blue superhero gang and conquer the mafia in the sub city in the fun of cool open world action games. Answer your phone or view the map to learn about gang wars or the theft targets of stickman playboys on the open world offline map.

Police car chase during sub town gang war

Fighting in the offline storyline mode of the secondary city, without superpowers, but like gun games, this 3D open world game has RPG elements that need to be understood. In a criminal world full of gangs, drug lords, and bank robberies, run away with money while chasing police cars to prevent you from playing in a fast taxi driving game with third person shooting skills.

Fight the police and become an unjust leader in the new gaming experience of the crime tribe. Conquer the Vice City and become the ultimate superhero of the Stickman Mafia City War Gang, releasing all adventures in offline story mode. Defeat criminals and police through racing and gun challenges in the third person hero simulator. In the city of crime, defeat criminals with cool action games, enter the arena for battle, and enjoy a new gaming experience. In the pursuit of an open world, prevent the chaos of gang warfare and turn criminal leaders into dangerous super villains in action hero adventure simulators.

Conquer the streets with melee weapons, shotguns, machine guns, or any other super weapon you equip without superpowers. As a gang superhero, it is my responsibility to drive cars on large ramps according to the orders of the Stickman Mafia during the sub city gang war. Roam in the city of crime, complete goals such as gang gunfights, or rescue your wife from the hands of gang cartels.

Choose the assault mech that best suits you in the stick man shooting game.

Become a Mafia action hero adventure protagonist in an open world action role-playing game! For the stick man shooting game, this fun action game has its main objectives. For example, games with grand action goals such as robbing banks, chasing sports cars, and stickman car theft. The police car chased our partner in the match man theft battle, so in our first story mode, it caught up with other guys to save your life.

When the phone is turned on, answering a call about the target of the stick man thief will appear. Or find your gang members on the streets of the sub town to crack down on the criminal activities of the mafia. Just like becoming a blue superhero, becoming a cool 3D action hero adventure simulator in the criminal world.

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Language:EnglishDevelopers:Stickman Games 3D

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