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Scary School Simulator 2(Unlock Skins)

Type:Role PlayingVersion:1.7.4

Tag: Role Playing Action


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Scary School Simulator 2 mod apk App Description


Escape the terrifying world of Sakura High in Terror School Simulator 2! Strolling through the haunted maze, unraveling thrilling mysteries, and surviving the encounter with thrilling ghosts at school, experiencing heartbreaking anime horror stories. Interact with cute characters, solve puzzles, and escape the terror of Yandere girls. Can you survive the nightmare?

Immerse yourself in the terrifying world of Horror School Simulator 2: Horror Adventure Game! Walking into the shoes of Sakura and her neighbor Sara, they are Japanese female students trapped in a cursed mystery of darkness. Explore the dark hallway of Cherry Blossom Girls High School, where creepy ghosts and Yandere girl assassins prepare to frighten you severely. Can you survive the nightmare and escape the classroom?


????? Surviving in a horror school: Walking through ghostly halls, where creepy ghosts, zombies, and Yandere female students frantically want to kill you. Can you drive their malicious intent and escape terror?

????? Explore Sakura High School: Explore the unforgettable beautiful 3D environment of Japanese high schools. Explore swimming pools, literary clubs, art rooms, and abandoned classrooms. But be careful - darkness hides everywhere!

????? Romantic interaction with the second daughter: Establishing romantic relationships with high school students, each with unique roles and secrets. Faced with the consequences of rejection, Yandere School girls closely monitor your senior's dating simulation.

????? Xizi, the evil and angry teacher: seemingly cute teachers are not what they appear on the surface. Avoid their attention, solve the problem, and escape the evil plan of Grandma and Teacher to kill you after the riddle.

????? Realistic simulator experience: participate in terrifying night classes, prank teachers, interact with friends, and be wary of jumping panic. Experience the terrifying high school life!

????? Heartbreaking Doki Story: Feel your heartbeat in the most terrifying chapter, and your choices will be made between survival and death. Can you scare the evil Yandere girl with your eyes?

????? Anime horror atmosphere: Immersed in dark anime horror stories. The eerie sounds, strange jumps, and unsettling atmosphere make you afraid to walk home alone from your neighbor's cursed house.

????? Escape from the Haunted Joker: Your ultimate goal - to escape Sakura High School with your lost boyfriend before it devours your life. Use your flashlight, phone, and five nights of gaming time to find a safe way to leave.

Use this anime horror multiplayer game online or offline to survive in haunted schools day and night, and escape Sakura High School before it's too late! Can you fight against the horror of the supernatural world and the evil Yandere assassin in this terrifying anime horror story? Download for free now and face your fear in "Terror School Simulator 2: Horror Adventure Game"!

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Language:EnglishDevelopers:Scary Creepy Pasta

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