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洶湧海豚 mod apk App Description

The traditional Chinese version of Toobig's jet card RPG masterpiece "DolphinWave" in 2024 will soon be launched in Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macau!

"DolphinWave" doesn't matter which faction you are in, all factions are welcome!
This exhilarating jet card RPG with all the sweat, sex, and WAVE is definitely not to be missed!

You operate a jet ski called "UMI Racing Boat" and engage in shooting duels with energy guns. The story is centered on the man-made island "Miazu Mijima" in the southern country, and the new sport "Speed Attack" is expanding its scale to the world. ”.

"Speed Attack"
Its core is a team consisting of a "rider" who is the operator of a racing boat, and a "shooter" who is a shooter holding an energy gun. Through shooting, they penetrate the opponent's defense and stop the opponent's racing boat to determine the outcome. A water sports competition.

Amazed by their ability to freely cross the ocean, people gave the players the nickname "Dolphin".

As the "coach" of the dolphins, your mission is to deepen each other's bonds in training and daily communication, and work together to create the strongest competitive team. You will explore the unknown, pursue dreams, and create your own with the dolphins. Wonderful story. Let us lay a solid foundation for this competitive road together!

【Start your coaching life in Xintiandi】
On this man-made island "Amitatsumishima", which is full of fantasy and vitality, the sun shines on the golden beach. Players will become the personal trainers of dolphin girls and form a special bond with them. Each dolphin girl has a unique personality and dream. Work with them to train, grow, and face challenges together. Every success and every failure will become precious memories between you. Let’s weave your own story together!

[Super unique jet ski competition]
"Speed Battle" is a new type of sports competition in which a "rider" controls a jet ski called a "UMI racing boat" and a "shooter" rides on it and uses energy guns to engage in shooting battles. In the ultra-fast and tense battle, continue to move towards the top!

[Personal guidance to the dolphin girl]
Players will be able to have one-on-one intimate interactions with beautiful girls in the "Lobby" and "Photo Studio", condense emotions, and give more incentives to the players; they can also use the "Cafe" and "Chat App" Cultivate relationships with girls, increase intimacy, and move forward on the road to your dreams together!

[Super high degree of freedom and versatile dressing up]
As a coach, you will have unlimited creative space. You can change the clothes of the dolphin girls according to your own preferences in the "changing room" to create a unique look! Whether on the playing field or in daily life, their clothing, accessories and hairstyles can be adjusted as desired; including a variety of different styles of clothing, whether they are fresh and cute, handsome and neat, or sexy and versatile, they can be implemented in this game. Create a dolphin girl that will make your heart flutter!

[Luxury voice actor lineup and original plot experience]
"Dolphin Wave" has a super luxurious voice actor lineup such as "Koshimizu Ami", "Nazuka Kaori", "Seto Masami", "Ohara Sayaka", "Shiraishi Haruka", etc. In addition to the main plot, it is equipped with full voice acting , each dolphin girl will also develop a unique personal plot as the degree of intimacy increases. In addition, in the side story plot after each chapter of the main line is cleared, the focus will also be switched to the perspective of characters other than the protagonist team, allowing coaches to fully understand Immerse yourself in this charming blue world.

・Sakimiya Iruka (CV: Yano Princess Naki)
・Tojo Miyako (CV: Ichi Nose Kana)
・Anri Yangnan (CV: Ami Koshimizu)
・Ayato Shie (CV: Yu Ayase)

・Somasa (CV: Natsuki Yuki)
・Kazami Eno (CV: Nagahiro)
・Nagayuki Hyouori (CV: Nazuka Kaori)
・シュネー・ヴァイスベルグ (CV: Komi Obara)

▼Hyuga Heavy Industries
・Kurose Miha (CV: Qin Sawako)
・Tori Isumi (CV: Aoi Koga)
・Basane Otohime (CV: Ryoka Yuzuki)
・Twilight and sunset (CV: Asami Seto)

・SHION/Suminoe Shion (CV: Wakayama Shion)
・ヘリー・ルイス(CV: Yuya Yamaoka)
・ヴィーナ/Kira Hoshikanna (CV: Ohara Yuki)
・セレナ・ルイス(CV: Suwa Ayaka)

▼Urami Railway Works
・Yamaha Yuka (CV: Ayakae Harada)
・Urami Naina (CV: Moriya Hiroka)

Daewoo Information Co., Ltd. is the agent of "DolphinWave" in Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macao.
※contact us※
Official website: https://dwave.softstar.com.tw
FB official fan group: https://www.facebook.com/dolphinwavessg/
Official Discord: https://discord.gg/9BPwqSjpm2
Official Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/dolphinwavessg/

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※Careful reminder※
※Because the content of the game involves "sex"; the game characters wear clothes or costumes that highlight sexual characteristics but do not involve sexual hints, it is classified as "tutoring twelve-year-olds" according to the game software classification management regulations.
※Pay attention to the usage time and avoid being addicted to games. The game contains a paid mall, please consider your consumption.

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Size:153 MBVersion:1.0.6


Language:EnglishDevelopers:SOFTSTAR ENTERTAINMENT INC.

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