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Type:Role PlayingVersion:15.0

Tag: Role Playing


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RO仙境傳說:初心之戰 mod apk App Description

====Game Features====

[RO’s original intention remains unchanged and opens a new chapter of adventure]
RO's original intention will never change. It is an MMORPG heritage mobile game based on the PC version of Ragnarok. We look forward to starting this new original intention adventure with RO fans and creating our own legendary story.

[Inheriting professional characteristics and replicating the PC version experience]
Inheriting the classic professional features of RO, while perfectly replicating the gaming experience of the PC version on mobile phones, RO fans can play the most classic gaming fun anytime and anywhere.

[Pair it with classic clothing to find the touch of your original intention]
Do you miss the angel hair tie you wore for the first time? There are more than 500 kinds of classic RO clothing available here. Through the matching of classic costumes, RO fans can once again evoke the emotions and memories of the original intention of the game.

[Challenge the super MVP and collect rare cards]
All MVPs in the RO PC version will appear again here! RO fans will have the opportunity to challenge various classic MVPs.
MVP has a chance to drop the rarest MVP piece. Use the various king cards collected to enhance your strength in the game!

[Blow the war horn, the guild base war begins]
The long-lost guild declaration of war is here! RO fans can participate in fierce battles with guild members and gather guild strength! Fight for guild strongholds!

==Official information==
Advance reservations are in progress: https://reurl.cc/oReOm3
FB fan group: Search "@ROBA.gravity"
Online reporting: https://www.gnjoy.com.tw/Question

※This game is classified as auxiliary level 15 according to the game software classification management method.
※This game has a paid area in the mall. Please experience it according to your personal interests and abilities to avoid excessive consumption.
※Playing games for a long time can easily affect normal work and rest, so it is advisable to rest and exercise appropriately.

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RO仙境傳說:初心之戰 mod apk Information

Size:200 MBVersion:15.0


Language:EnglishDevelopers:Gravity Game Vision

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