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Wasteland Story : Survival RPG

Type:Role PlayingVersion:24.04.12

Tag: Role Playing Action Single player


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Wasteland Story : Survival RPG mod apk App Description

▶ Wait, What is this?

- This is Wasteland Story. Pixel 2D Side Scroller Post-Apocalypse RPG! The player must survive and conquer the nuclear fallout tainted wasteland and carry out the secret mission to save mankind.
(Soon to be the best Post-Apocalypse RPG in mobile!)

▶ Ok, Why should I try this game?

- No Forced Ads.
(Ads & In App Purchases are totally Optional.)

- Easy to Play, Hard to Master.
(Everyone can play but do you have a grit & skills to become... 0.1%?)

- Created by the Most passionate SOLO game Developer in the world.
(Biggest 'FO' series fan here. It. Just. Works!)

- Graphics may not be fancy as 3D, Big Company Games but It has SOUL.
(Good gameplay, Fast action, Light weighted, Optimized to the best!)

- Actually Good/Interesting Story, Never ending Story.
(This game is Seasonal! Like... TV Shows!)
(Also you can make choices in Story.)

- Real Time Action RPG.
(Are you Sick of boring Idle RPGs, Turn-base, slow-paced Laggy games? and you Want some ACTION? Then this game is built just for you!)

- Hey, Do you like Guns? or maybe Swords? Baseball Bat? Mace? Bow? Crossbow? Missile Launcher? Minigun? Pistol? Dual Pistol? Rifle? LMG? SMG? World War II Weapons? Energy Weapons?... FIST?
(We got Everything, Take your pick!)

- Actually Challenging / Need Skills & Strategies.
(This game will defeat you. and It will make you Think. It will make you Grind, It will make you Improve. This is Not a spoon feeding baby games.)

- Unpredictability.
(Random Spawns, Stalking/Ganking Enemies, More than 400 items, Over 90 enchantments... Every run/combat is different. Every loot is a new opportunity!)

- In Depth Solid RPG System.
(100 Perks, 6 Core attributes, 9 Special Abilities, 9 Companions)
(Find out your OP build!)

- Simple Survival System.
(Building up base, Crafting gears/ammo/foods/medicine, Hunger & Thirst, Day & Night Cycle, Random Weather! It's Almost... like certain Open World Game!)

- Infinite Grind & Late-End Game Hidden Boss Raid.
(How far can you go? Can you break the game?, Can you defeat every hidden bosses?)

- Pretty new game with High Potential, Still in Active Development, Frequently Updated & Enhanced by passionate developer and also Season 2 is in Development!
(This game is Released in October 23, 2022.)
(And Soon to be the world's Best post-apocalypse mobile RPG! #1)

▶ Well, I'm sold. Let me try.

Thank you so much! Hope you have fun! :D

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Wasteland Story : Survival RPG mod apk Information

Size:245 MBVersion:24.04.12


Language:EnglishDevelopers:Lunarite Studio

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