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Metaverse Keeper

Type:Role PlayingVersion:1.0.1

Tag: Role Playing


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Metaverse Keeper mod apk App Description

"Metaverse Keeper" is a multiplayer adventure game that combines roguelike elements. Players and their teammates not only battle a variety of monsters, but also delve deep into the demon lord's fortress, collecting various resources, developing character's talents, and strengthening their own abilities. As the game progresses, the challenges become more diverse and intense, with limited resource allocation, environmental pressures, and even more ferocious monsters, making every adventure thrilling and intense!

Randomized Dungeons, Unknown Challenges
The twisted power of the demon lord is incredibly strong, and each time it changes the form of its fortress, allowing players to experience different atmospheres and layouts every time they enter a level.

Interdimensional Heroes, Saving the World
The game offers different interdimensional heroes, each of them has saved the world in their own timeline, and been tested through countless crises. Each hero has unique abilities, and they are selected by a mysterious organization as agents to save the world, entrusting them with the heavy responsibility of saving the world.

Collect Chips, Conquer Levels with Style
Chips are scattered throughout dungeons. After collecting chips, heroes gain unparalleled abilities. Unexpected effects can occur when specific combinations of chips are used. More unknown chips are hidden within mysterious chip vending machines, waiting for players to discover and explore with enough courage and wisdom.

Randomized Weapons, Mastery in All
The game provides a vast variety of weapons for players to choose, each weapon possesses its unique functions and characteristics. When combined with random affix effects, these equipment combinations will create entirely new and unexpected effectys for you and your allies.

Online Co-op, Fight with Love
Struggling alone? No worries. Supports up to four players for online cooperative play. Unlike the low tolerance for errors in single-player mode, as long as not all teammates die simultaneously, players can expend resources to save each other a nd face challenges together.

Background Story
Noah is a branch of an ancient civilization that has spread the farthest. They once created a magnificent civilization. After reaching a high level of development, the Noahs discovered the ability to foresee the future. The entire world and the blueprint of time were laid out before them. However, Noahs realized that their civilization would eventually perish in this dimension. A disgruntled Noahs was unwilling to let the Noah civilization disappear, so he used Noah's technology to create a temporal distortion, blending all civilizations and timelines. But this action not only failed to save Noah, but also plunged all timelines into a crisis of destruction.This Noahs, however, is not prepared to rescue his actions. He seems to have another conspiracy. Thus, he becomes the enemy of all timelines - the Demon Lord. In order to save their own timelines, heroes from various timelines must defeat the Demon Lord and restore order to the timelines.

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Metaverse Keeper mod apk Information

Size:1.04 GBVersion:1.0.1


Language:EnglishDevelopers:Electronic Soul

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