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Assault Lily Last Bullet W

Type:Role PlayingVersion:1.0.3

Tag: Role Playing Stylized Anime


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Assault Lily Last Bullet W mod apk App Description

Fight, Lily! For protecting the world.
—Armed Lily—Bloom with Bond

In the near future, on Earth…
Mankind was on the brink of extinction,
nearly eradicated by a mysterious lifeform known as "HUGE."

The entire world united in the battle against the HUGE and successfully developed a decisive weapon named the "CHARM," merging the forces of science and magic. The CHARM exhibited an exceptionally high synchronicity rate with adolescent girls. These individuals, referred to as "Lilies," wielded the CHARM and became celebrated as heroes.
To combat the HUGE threat, training institutions known as "GARDENS" were established worldwide, serving as bases to protect and guide humanity.

It's a story about the adventures that the girls from different legions to become outstanding lilies.

■A fleeting yet beautiful bullet of bonds connects the girls.
A tale intertwined with the TV anime "Assault Lily Bouquet".
The central narrative focuses on the three legions named "Radgrid", "Hervarar", and "Gran Eple", and features full voice acting.

■ Memoria
Memoria portray scenes from the girls' daily lives and battles.
Obtaining these cards allows you to read special stories.

■ System
Combine the memoria to your own party and control lilies fight HUGE.
Achieve victory over the HUGE through a combination of attacking and supporting with straightforward controls. Strengthen both "CHARM" and "Memoria" to enhance your battle advantages.

Fight with your friends!
Join the legion which can accommodate 9 players at the most. Victory from the legion battle by Neunwelt Tactics.

Join "Legendary Battle" and "GigantHuge" event to get luxury rewards.

■ Official website

■ Facebook

©AZONE INTERNATIONAL・acus/AssaultLilyProject ©Pokelabo, Inc ©SHAFT Published by So-net Entertainment Taiwan Limited.

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Size:948 MBVersion:1.0.3


Language:EnglishDevelopers:So-net Entertainment Taiwan Limited

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