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HIT : The World

Type:Role PlayingVersion:1.260.422631

Tag: Role Playing


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HIT : The World mod apk App Description

Every moment you spend with your friends is the key to unlocking the path to victory.
Pre-register with your friends and get ready to travel to HIT: The World!

We will give you various benefits depending on the number of pre-registered users!
Lots of pets to accompany you on your journey, items and gold to support speedy growth!

For more information, visit Official X! "@HTW_nxj"

The beginning of disaster, a tragedy that arose from a gray day.
Elbaden, a land blessed by the goddess, is now filled with despair and pessimism.

The goddess who dreamed of a perfect world was disappointed and disappeared.
In her absence, the world begins to collapse.

The survivors of the Gray Day set out on a journey in search of a new king and the true leader who will save the world.
The one who proves himself through struggle and the one who takes the throne will save the world.

[Game introduction]
▼An epic siege battle that will unfold at the same time as the game's release!
Win for the honor of your guild in this massive battle open to all players.
Who will become the strongest guild? ?
Jump into the battlefield and create a new history!

▼The Altar of the Adjuster, where you can set the rules of the world with your hands!
Vote to decide whether you want to share the rewards with everyone or monopolize them through fierce competition!
Write your story with your strategic decisions!

▼Feeling of solidarity through joint struggle!
Powerful field bosses that cannot be defeated by one person and Eden mutants that occasionally appear.
Join forces with your friends and defeat them!

▼Strategies woven by attractive combat classes!
Each class that handles six types of weapons has its own unique personality and compatibility.
This allows you to experience different aspects of the fun of growth and fierce battles.
Take on the battle with your own strategies and techniques!

◇Official website: https://hittheworld.nexon.com/
◇Official X: https://twitter.com/htw_nxj
◇Official youtube: https://www.youtube.com/@HITTheWorld-xl6tp

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[Selective access privileges]
Camera: Required to take photos or videos and post them to the community, support desk, etc.
Storage: Save footage, upload photos and videos
Telephone: Collection of mobile phone numbers for sending SMS advertisements
Notifications: Allow apps to post service-related notifications
*You can use the service even if you do not consent to selective access permission.

[How to withdraw access rights]
▶ Android 6.0 or higher: Settings > Apps > Permission item selection > Permission list > Select to agree or withdraw access rights
▶ Android below 6.0: Upgrade the OS to revoke access or delete the app
*The app may not provide individual consent functionality, and you can revoke access rights using the method above.
*This app includes in-app purchase functionality. This feature can be canceled in the device settings.

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HIT : The World mod apk Information

Size:341 MBVersion:1.260.422631


Language:EnglishDevelopers:NEXON Company

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