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晴空物語 もふもふランド

Type:Role PlayingVersion:8

Tag: Role Playing


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晴空物語 もふもふランド mod apk App Description

A new work of the online version of "Haru-zora Monogatari", a new MMORPG for smartphones "Haru-zora Monogatari Mofumofu Land" has started! Let's have a heart-healing adventure with your friends in this cute world!

[Let's meet again in that world]
Connect with the world view of the online version and enjoy the nostalgic daily life of adventure again. Adopts 4K high resolution and fairy tale-style pictures, allowing you to enjoy top-level viewing.

[Transform into a beastman and explore the world]
Have an adventure in the wide world and explore different maps.
You can choose your favorite beastman and customize your own loose beastman.
Transform into a cute fluffy beast anytime, anywhere, and gain incredible power and cuteness.

[Make friends and go on an adventure together]
Meet various friends and enjoy a unique world together.
Go on adventures with your cute friends, fight against the forces of evil, and create your own legend!

[Make friends and play mini games]
Play mini-games with your friends, such as exciting races and labyrinth conquests that test your sense of direction.
Seek victory and enjoy fierce competition with your friends in competitive challenges!

[Farm life, my house that soothes the soul]
Water and harvest crops, then sell them to earn rewards.
Feed your neighbors' pets, share your crops, and enjoy a relaxing farm life!

Join ``Sunny Sky Story Mofumofu Land'' now and let's weave a wonderful story of adventure together!

Need network Free No need for Google play
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晴空物語 もふもふランド mod apk Information

Size:1.89 GBVersion:8


Language:EnglishDevelopers:X-Legend Entertainment Co., Ltd.

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