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Ice Scream8: Final Chapter(Get reward without ADs)

Type:Role PlayingVersion:1.0

Tag: Action Leisure


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Ice Scream8: Final Chapter(Get reward without ADs) mod apk App Description


Ice Scream8: Final Chapter Mod:   Get reward without ADs

Help these friends completely escape Rod's factory and end this cold nightmare.

Re visit and explore the classic scenes of the factory. Help these friends solve puzzles, complete scary and fun mini games, while also escaping the pursuit of Rod and evil nuns. This time, the evil nun finally reunited with her son.

Embark on an adventure full of puzzles, chase battles, and mysterious stories that both new friends and old players can enjoy.

After rescuing Liz from the laboratory, all friends finally reunited in the dispatch room. But the joy did not last long, as Rod discovered Charlie and followed him to the dispatch room. Now they are all locked here and must find a way to leave the dispatch room and completely escape from the factory.

★ Brand new checkpoint system: By completing different goals to advance the game and save progress, you can continue the adventure at any time.

★ Multiple villains: In addition to Rod and his accomplices, you also have to face other enemies directly, such as the evil nun, science monster Boris, and Mati.

★ Interesting puzzles: Solve intricate puzzles and reunite with friends.

★ Mini game: Complete the most interesting puzzles in this new chapter in the form of a mini game.

★ Exclusive score: immerse yourself in the universe of Ice Dream with the unique music that best fits this series of stories, as well as the sound effects recorded specifically for this work.

★ Explore new and old locations: revisit different areas of the factory and discover secrets still hidden in the darkness.

★ Reminder and Task System: You can use the complete step-by-step guide at any time, and no longer worry about getting stuck.

★ Dialogue with friends: Understand the stories of each character through dialogue.

★ Different difficulty levels: You can safely explore at your own pace in ghost mode, or choose other difficulty levels to test your strength in battles with Rod and his assistants.

★ A terrifying and fun game suitable for everyone!

If you want to experience a fantastic, terrifying, and interesting story, come and play Ice Dream 8: Final Chapter now! Ensure there is enough fright and action scenes.

Recommend wearing headphones for a better gaming experience.

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Language:EnglishDevelopers:Xiaobai Studio

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