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Captain, take me on a flight(No ads)

Type:Role PlayingVersion:1.3.1

Tag: Apocalypse survival


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Captain, take me on a flight(No ads) mod apk App Description


In the distant future, my home planet experienced a cosmic war and was invaded by technology from extraterrestrial civilizations.

The entire planet has become a colony of extraterrestrial species, and the people on the mother planet are enduring unprecedented disasters and suffering. The mother planet is filled with ruins and debris, and our technological civilization and life have entered the countdown ahead of time!

At this apocalyptic moment, as the captain of Noah's Ark, "I" activated the only remaining superluminal spacecraft and fled alone to a distant unfamiliar planet.

I will carry the residual spark and carry the mission of continuing planetary civilization.

In the sandbox universe, players can freely choose their own development path and experience activities such as exploration, combat, collection, manufacturing, and trade.

The future direction depends on the choice of 'me'.

Are you choosing to wander in space? Or choose to continue the fire on a new planet to save our home planet?

The ending of the game is waiting for you to rewrite!

Captain Take Me Fly "is an apocalyptic survival sandbox game where players will collect resources, create space weapons, and build defense systems to resist the invasion of extraterrestrial species on" Noah's Ark ". They can also upgrade their spacecraft to explore planets in different regions for more!

>>Personalized DIY customization for battleships

Ultra high degree of freedom construction layout, freely matching the decoration and properties of various production rooms

>>Free trade, shuttle galaxy

Players can freely choose different galaxies within the game and trade and exchange various interstellar resources with various aliens

>>Super World, Realistic Simulation of the Universe

Continuously developing various galaxies, recruiting special extraterrestrial engineers, producing resources, and becoming the largest resource supplier in the universe

>>Open operation, triggering numerous random events with you

Manage and upgrade spacecraft to explore broader star domains; In addition to the main plot, there are also some mysterious and unexpected tasks to deal with

>>Galactic Wars, Competing for Rare Resources

Place space exploration, upgrade fleet armed forces, defeat enemies, and unlock unknown star domains; Rich material synthesis, multiple synthetic materials, and reasonably configured production lines

Need network Free No need for Google play
Open Detail
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Language:chineseDevelopers:Waiting for the end of work studio

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