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IQ Dungeon(Unlimited Money)


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IQ Dungeon mod apk App Description

IQ Dungeon(Unlimited Money) Explore the world of an RPG that will test your brain. Over 300 levels available to play!

Defeat the Goblins!
Open the Dungeon Door!
Help the Princess!
Defeat the Demon King!
Save the World!

These and many more levels will test your ability to think logically and imaginatively!

If you love tricky puzzles, funny puzzles, classic puzzles, sudoku or other number puzzles, water color sorting puzzles, or other logic puzzles, you'll definitely enjoy this game!

It's time to journey to a unique world of intellect and adventure.
The world needs your BRAIN now!


A Fusion of Puzzles and Stories
In IQ Dungeon, it's not that there are puzzles between the stories; the puzzles themselves construct the narrative. Enjoy a unique, think outside of the box gaming experience!

Diverse Brain-Teasing Puzzles
To stimulate your brain from all angles, we've prepared a variety of puzzles, including brain teasers, escape games, and more. Some puzzles can be solved in an instant if you see through them. There are countless original challenges crafted specifically for IQ Dungeon. While there are classical puzzles, there are also mysteries that utilize smartphone functions. All of them can be tackled whenever you have a spare moment.

Exciting Storyline
The tale unfolding through the puzzles is pure high fantasy.
In Season 1, control the trio of heroes: Abel the Knight, Patrick the Archer, and Gordon the Wizard, as they embark on a quest to rescue the princess kidnapped by the Demon King Darua.
In Season 2, the three heroes, along with their new companion, Pepe the Monkey, challenge the Four Death Kings revived from ancient times, to save the world.
The latest Season 3 takes on the motif of the "Seven Deadly Sins". To save the castle and princess taken by Prideful Lucifer, Abel the Knight and his companions unite to challenge the Demons of Sin.

Activate Your Brain!
Challenging diverse problems is more effective in stimulating your brain than repeatedly solving puzzles of a single genre. IQ Dungeon offers a rich variety of over 300 levels of puzzles, brain teasers, escape games, and more. Depending on the level, you'll need (1) out-of-the-box thinking and inspiration or (2) logical reasoning and analytical skills. Alternating between these two distinct brain activities can potentially enhance your intellectual capabilities and counteract brain aging.

Hints for Conquering:

Inspiration or Logic?
At the top of the screen, there's a 5-tier indicator showing whether inspiration or logical thinking is needed to conquer the level. This unique IQ Dungeon feature will greatly assist your puzzle-solving endeavors!

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IQ Dungeon mod apk Information

Size:160 MBVersion:3.6.0


Language:EnglishDevelopers:Hirameku Inc.

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