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detective zhuge zhi Mod : unlimited money

In the beginning of summer in the year of Renyin, late at night, someone saw a man with a face and a dog outside the imperial city, causing a great shock. The following year, a couple had a drunken argument, and the woman disappeared. She went to the water transport dock to clean up the mud and dug up a copper man with a very unique appearance... In the bustling city, the First Restaurant in the capital suddenly reported many strange cases of foul odor. Zhuge Zhi was ordered to investigate the case, collect clues, and reason step by step, but the matter was still clear and clear. Detective Zhuge Zhi "is an ancient style composite detective game that collects props and synthesizes them to discover clues and solve mysterious and unsolved cases. Through the progression of the plot, the characters they play are introduced, and they interact deeply with different ancient celebrities and beauties, searching for clues to solve the case in different exquisite scenes, and understanding the unknown secrets behind the unsolved case. Game features: There are countless mysterious and unsolved cases, click to synthesize clues and reveal the truth! 1. Collect props and merge clues to solve mysteries. 2. Restore 100 bizarre and unsolved cases. 3. More than 50 composable detective tools. 4. Explore together with confidants and beauties. 5. The intricate plot is thought-provoking

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Language:chineseDevelopers:Douya Studio

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