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Hexa Hysteria(Unlimited Key)


Tag: Music Performance Arcade


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Hexa Hysteria(Unlimited Key) mod apk App Description

Hexa Hysteria(Unlimited Key) Welcome, to the world of Hexa Hysteria! Experience our innovative game-play, unlock various music, and explore the incredible stories from the distant past!

=== FEATURES ===
- One-of-its-kind, truly innovative game-play.
- Story-focused design.
- Various music from Japan, Taiwan, Korea, Germany, Netherlands, and all around the world!
- Beautiful, hand-drawn arts!

== STORY ===
In the distant future, an empty spaceship is driving through the endless dark space.

This spaceship has no destination. We don't know how long it has been sailing, but it contains memories of a species that has long perished.

This species calls itself human, and once inhabited a planet called Earth, it seems.

They must have had a high degree of civilization. At a certain point, they even created artificial intelligence that surpassed their own, and together, they developed such technology that allows them to create this ship.

However, no matter what, they are now nothing more than dust in history. Long before we were born, they had vanished, no one remained.

Why did they make this spaceship? Perhaps, they once wanted to leave the galaxy where they were born and expand farther away.

Or, they just wanted to leave a little proof that they once existed, so that future civilizations can have a chance to know how they had loved and lived and died.

Too much time has passed, and we shall never know their intentions, but only some unverifiable conjectures.

But looking at these burning memories, there is an indescribable sadness, right?

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Hexa Hysteria(Unlimited Key) mod apk Information

Size:355 MBVersion:


Language:EnglishDevelopers:Wiseye Studio Co., ltd.

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