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I am the boss in the secret room(No ads)


Tag: Decoration Chamber of Secrets Escape


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I am the boss in the secret room(No ads) mod apk App Description


In order to get rid of the boring work life, you resolutely took out a loan and became the owner of a secret room escape shop! Is it working hard to make money to support the entire store, or is it due to poor management and becoming a migrant worker again?! In order to ensure the success of the opening of this secret escape shop, let's renovate it a bit first!

What? Too many guests to entertain?! Recruit capable employees, develop popular secret room gameplay, create the best atmosphere in the store, and become the king of secret room escape.

Have fun and receive gifts from customers! Raise salaries for employees, develop more scripts, and open stores worldwide!

This is a simulation management game that combines, collects, DIY decors... with rich gameplay, players can personally experience the entire process of opening a secret room escape store.

You can experience various positions such as recruiting guests, hosting secret rooms, creating scripts, and providing cash register services. You can also interact with guests and understand their different needs. You can continuously improve the level and abilities of your employees, allowing them to grow together with the store. You can also harvest various strange props and experience the commercial fun of opening different themes in different places!

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Language:ChineseDevelopers:Carpenter Game

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