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Metaverse Keeper


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Metaverse Keeper mod apk App Description

Metaverse Keeper is a 'dungeon crawler' that's similar to Enter the Gungeon or The Binding of Isaac. Here, you get to play as anyone of the four heroes, who you have to help save the 'metaverse' from complete annihilation.

The controls in Metaverse Keeper are incredibly simple and perfectly adapted for touchscreens. With your left thumb, you can control your character's movements, and with your right thumb, you can attack and use different skills. Your character will always aim automatically at the nearest enemy, so you don't have to worry about aiming manually.

Before starting a new game of Metaverse Keeper you can choose from any of the four main characters. Each of them will start off with a weapon and a special skill, but as you play and progress, you'll be able to find lots of new weapons. Each time your character dies, as with any self-respecting roguelite, you'll have to start from the beginning, although the settings and enemies will change from game to game.

Metaverse Keeper is an excellent dungeon crawler, which has nice graphics and a fun story mode. The game also manages to offer an experience very close to that of the aforementioned Enter the Gungeon but adapted to the demands of touchscreen smartphones.

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