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Wuthering Waves


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Wuthering Waves mod apk App Description

Wuthering Waves is an action RPG for Android devices where you will explore a post-apocalyptic world. In this adventure, you are Rover, who has just woken up in an unknown place. Together you will have to discover not only why you are here but also the world's mysteries.

Wuthering Waves's post-apocalyptic setting is no coincidence— one hundred years ago, the world suffered an event known as "The Calament", which brought with it terrible unknown beings that attacked civilization. Fortunately, humanity is recovering, and the hope of building a better world is more present than ever. However, the threat is still there, so you must fight these beings and save humanity.

Wuthering Waves offers an open world where you enjoy exploring, solving puzzles, and fighting. Combat is one of the game's strong points, as it is very spectacular. In Wuthering Waves, you will take your main character but also be able to fight with other characters you will meet.

These characters have a very attractive and unique visual style, and each has a different combat style and skills, so get the ones you like the most.

Wuthering Waves's story will take you to various settings, where you will live an exciting adventure with unforgettable characters and action. Download the Wuthering Waves APK here and discover all the secrets that await you.

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Wuthering Waves mod apk Information

Size:1.78 GBVersion:0.7.0


Language:EnglishDevelopers:KURO GAME

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