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Playdead's inside


Tag: Adventure Steam Horror Indie Puzzle


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Playdead's inside mod apk App Description

Playdead's inside

Tips:The game is run using the yuzu emulator. The following configurations are required before the game can be played.

1、After downloading the game, first install and decompress the data, and finally install the yuzu simulator. 

Click Run to perform basic configuration of the yuzu simulator.

2、Start the yuzu emulator, first select the secret key file prod.keys, the file location is“Phone\Internal Storage\hackapkmod\prod.keys”

3、The second step is to select the game file,“ Phone\Internal Storage\hackapkmod”,Just select the hackapkmod folder directly, 

and the yuzu emulator will automatically recognize the game files.

4、If your phone meets the custom settings of the driver file, please select "GPU driver manager" in the settings, 

click "install" in the file directory Phone\Internal Storage\hackapkmod, and select "Inside Driver.zip" to install the driver. 

Please use custom settings to run the game. Driver. If your phone does not support custom drivers, you can skip this step and run the game directly.

5、Recommended configuration of mobile phone,Android 12、Snapdragon 870,For mobile phones with lower configuration than this, 

the game will not run smoothly.

"Inside", independently developed by Playdead, is a unique dark-style plot platform adventure game that combines compact and vivid

 action components with challenging puzzle elements. This game has received excellent reviews for its dark and confusing artistic style, 

detailed background sound effects and gloomy atmosphere.

Apple Design Award winner.

media reports:

"A masterpiece! "Inside" is a 2D platform puzzle game that inherits the outstanding elements of "LIMBO". In fact, this work does some things better."

IGN — 10/10

""Inside" expands the concept and scope of the previous game in various very creative ways. The construction and design from beginning to end are extremely perfect, and it would not feel out of place in an art gallery. This will be a great influence for future game developers. It’s an insurmountable nightmare.”

Giant Bomb — 5/5

"Exquisite art design and animation, well-designed puzzles and black humor. The perfect rhythm takes players to more and more amazing moments."


Won more than 100 awards, including:

Artistic Achievement (BAFTA)

Game Design (BAFTA)

Narrative (BAFTA)

Original Property (BAFTA)

Best Independent Game (Game Critics Awards 2016)

Best Independent Game (The Game Awards 2016)

Best Art Direction (The Game Awards 2016)

Spite Award (D.I.C.E. Awards 2016)

Outstanding Achievement in Art Direction (D.I.C.E. Awards 2016)

Outstanding Achievement in Game Direction (D.I.C.E. Awards 2016)

Best Audio (Game Developers Choice Awards)

Best Visual Art (Game Developers Choice Awards)

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Size:1.41 GBVersion:1.0



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