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The Ghost Multiplayer Horror(Free Shopping)


Tag: Action Survival horror Single Player


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The Ghost Multiplayer Horror mod apk App Description

The Ghost Multiplayer Horror(Free Shopping) In this scary online horror game you will have to find a way to escape haunted places.
Solve puzzles, find necessary parts and survive before creepy ghost finds you.
One of the scariest multiplayer games to play. This psychological online horror is the best horror ghost game to spend time playing together with friends.
Find anomalies together with friends in the latest added Cursed Apartment map.
Play voice chat games horror together with friends!

New Wishlie Hospital
You were getting your daily treatment with friends at the New Wishlie Hospital for 2 weeks already, and today was time to get discharged from the hospital. But something happened. You woke up at 2 AM and found out that all the patients were gone, except you and your friends. The place looks much muddier and it’s... locked! You read in magazines about the hospital and turns out that it's haunted. Now It seems like the only way to escape is through the garage door. Will you be able to get away by the time the ghost devours your soul?

High School
Emily and Leila were studends and best friends. They lived in a small house in a town with almost no people. It was Sunday, and it was routinuous for them to visit the cemetery together. Only this time, for some reasons, Emily felt she would better stay home. So she decided to stay home. Looking out of window, Emily sees strange creature creeping behind her sister... The next day after Leila's absence, she runs to school for help. On her way to get inside the school, the main school gate closes behind her. Now locked inside the school area, the next thing she notices are students who struggle to survive...

Waking up you realized that you were stuck in a cursed apartment. You and your friends need to use elevator to reach the first floor and exit the building. But it's not as easy as it seems: when you miss an anomaly on one floor, the elevator will glitch and take you back to the highest floor. Even more: there are monsters, ghosts and maniacs lurking on floors.

Play with up to 5 players.
Play as survivor - escape the place.
Play as the ghost - don't let the survivors escape. Devour other's souls.
Choose Exit 8 game mode to play Apartments in guessing mode.

Discord: https://discord.com/invite/CDeyj4t58H

Need network Free No need for Google play
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The Ghost Multiplayer Horror mod apk Information

Size:732 MBVersion:1.45.1



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