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Counter Strike 1.6


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Counter Strike 1.6 mod apk App Description

Tips: The game requires the "Xash3D FWGS" tool, which can be searched and downloaded on the platform. After installation, open "CS16Client" and "Xash3D FWGS" will be started. Click "LAUNCH Xash3D FWGS" - find "xash" in the directory - select it and click "SET CURRENT FOLDER". You only need to run CS16Client to start the game. If you don't want to play, please delete the "xash" file in the root directory of the phone to clear it up! !

Counter Strike APK - There is probably not a single gamer in the world who has not heard about this game at least once. Yes, this is what many have been waiting for for so long, the real and original counter strike 1.6. This game is a complete copy of its original, and everything is the same here, the same cards, the same guns, the same meat! This shooter does not require any extra introductions, team battles on maps that many of us know by heart. But what’s remarkable is that even bots were able to be ported into this version of the game! So you can always practice alone. The controls are also commendable, and although it will be a little difficult at first, it will become easier. Time to take up arms and return to the good old CS 1.6.

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Language:EnglishDevelopers:Fan Made

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