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JohnMan(Unlimited Money)


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JohnMan mod apk App Description

JohnMan(Unlimited Money) A physics-based stickman game you must try in your life

That's the review of many John Man players. Have you ever played stickman games before? John Man is enough to amaze you, whether you've played this genre before or not.

John Man is an exciting offline single-player game. It belongs to the beat'em-up game genre, an action-packed genre that allows you to relax during your free time. It doesn't require an internet connection to play, so you can play it anywhere, anytime you want.

John Man takes inspiration from a famous movie that everyone knows. Have you heard of an assassin called "The Boogeyman"? That's him. You will immerse yourself in the character named John, participate in the underground world of notorious gangs and criminal organizations, and explore the intriguing stories embedded in the game. Yes, you heard it right. This game has a storyline.


- You will control the character John. John can move, jump, crouch, climb stairs, and, especially, John has a set of 6 combo skills that can be performed in sequence from left to right and repeated. You can create and combine these 6 martial arts moves out of a total of 54 moves that John can learn into your own combo. Be creative and create attractive combos that define your style.

- John will engage in physical combat when the player presses the Attack button. While moving and attacking enemies or crates, John has a chance to pick up various weapons. You will have 2 equipment slots for John's weapons and 1 button to switch between them.

- When you pick up a new weapon, click on the "Hand" button, and the weapon will be automatically placed in the equipment slot.

- Click the "Weapon" button to attack with the weapon. There are plenty of weapons for you to choose from, so you won't get bored using them.

- Each level in John Man will present 3 tasks before combat. Completing each task without John dying will earn you 1 star. Try to collect enough stars in each level to receive more rewards.


- The combat in the game is incredibly realistic due to very authentic physics.
- There are 54 martial arts moves that John can learn. Each move is unique and not repeated for you to explore.
- There are 57 different weapons. Additionally, you can upgrade and evolve your weapons.
- There are 47 passive upgrades that you can enhance. Upgrading will make John stronger, but think carefully each time you upgrade something.
- You can personalize the character John based on your preferences.
- The pet system will also assist you significantly during combat.

So, what are you waiting for? Download John Man now and enjoy moments of relaxation with the game!

_If you have any feedback or encounter any issues with this game, please don't hesitate to email us along with a screenshot of the problem. We greatly appreciate it!_
_Email: Publisher@cyforce.vn_

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Size:102 MBVersion:1.2.8


Language:EnglishDevelopers:Fansipan Limited

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