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Pixel Combats 2(Unlimited Ammo)


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Pixel Combats 2 mod apk App Description

Pixel Combats 2(Unlimited Ammo) If you are looking for a block pixel shooter with pixel wars & block fortress, check out Gun Games 2: Pixel PvP Shooter and take pixel strike on enemies. You'll need to use your pixel gun to survive this crazy craft world and destroy all your opponents!


• Servers up to 24 players (PvP shootouts 12 vs 12).
• Big online community - there are always players to join.
• Lots of famous crazy maps and block city to play: Dust, Assault, Angar, and many more.
• Real online shooting battles, zombie wars in the block world.
• The game is optimized for weak phones.
• One of the best zombie pixel modes - you can play as zombies or soldiers in the post-apocalyptic world.
• Craft games, map building, and craft world mode - you can mini block craft, create your maps, city, block fortress, and share them with others.
• Complete freedom of action - you can destroy and rebuild anything in this voxel game with your 3-D pixel gun.

Our voxel shooter lets you join the pixel wars in a block city, fortress, craft world, or block world full of action and adventure. In these wars, you can choose from various guns and weapons to pixel strike enemies. You can also use your skills to create maps and share them with other players. This makes our videogame a unique mini block craft game that allows you to express your imagination.


This voxel shooter is more than just a 3D block crazy and not a mini game. It is a block fortress videogame where you can use your 3-D pixel gun to destroy and rebuild the world. You can use your guns to strike on blocks and blast through walls, buildings, and vehicles in this voxel wars videogame. This adds a layer of creativity and provides players with a unique experience not found in other voxel crafting games.


In this retro world, you can create your fortifications and traps and take strike enemies. Unleash your creativity in this world by designing unique environments, player bases, and structures. This is one of the best free crafting games, offering thrilling gameplay in a block city environment. These mini craft games and building block games have no equal!


But that's not all. You won't find this in all building games. Our app also has a zombie mode, where you can play as a soldier or a zombie and try to survive the apocalypse. This apocalyptic mode adds a new dimension, as you have to fight against hordes of undead creatures. You can also cooperate with other players in this hard survival game. You can craft and mine victory by any means necessary.


Pixel Combats 2 is one of the best block crazy videogames for fans of crafting games, pixel wars, craft games, and building games. It has stunning voxel graphics, smooth gameplay, and a large online community of players. You can play this block crazy videogame on any device optimized for weak phones. You can upgrade your weapons, customize your character in this game, and take pixel strike zombies, and enemies. So grab your 3D gun and join the block wars in the city!

Our app is a free pixel shooter game that doesn't require investment to enjoy its crazy gun and shooting enemies.

The game is a perfect example of how voxel crafting games can be used to create exciting 3D games with powerful chopping.

If you are ready to join building block pixel games, the block wars, or block zombie pixel wars and take pixel strike on block fortresses & enemies, download Gun Games 2: Pixel PvP Shooter. Let's do it!

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Pixel Combats 2 mod apk Information

Size:87 MBVersion:1.563


Language:EnglishDevelopers:Shooting Games & Block Craft Studio

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