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Red Hunt(Money increases)


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Red Hunt mod apk App Description

Red Hunt(Money increases) A threat hangs over the world. Down with simple shooters! The planet is on the verge of a universal catastrophe! And only you and your fighter can stop this uprising of machines. Let's start a war!
Enraged AI wants to enslave the whole world. It is already taking over the continents and spreading its infection, the virus has been launched into all systems. Robots, drones, armored trains, tanks - everything is under the control of the supermind. Gather your friends and set the heat on the enemy! Hurricane air battles, of which only one will emerge victorious!
RED HUNT is a real cocktail of adrenaline and emotions, a mixture of strategy and shooter. Royal battle in the air!

Exciting campaign.
Many levels of varying difficulty. Complete missions, discover secret corners of the map, explore enemies. Each mission can be replayed to earn money and the necessary resources. This is a real symphony of war!
Huge bosses.
Each boss is unique and has its own special moves. A huge quadcopter that shoots rockets or a converted WWII attack aircraft. I wonder if it is possible to destroy an armored train? And if there are tanks against you?
Beautiful graphics.
Cool explosions, tracer rounds, night missions where spotlights illuminate the airfield. Full immersion in the world of apocalypse and fighting! Atmospheric 3D levels. War has never been so beautiful!
Upgrade your arsenal of weapons.
You can change weapons on the plane. You want to use a shotgun, but you want a real machine gun. There is also a huge rocket launcher and even a BFG! And of course the laser! What is the best way to kill a tank? Simple shooters will not work here - something more serious is needed.
Miracle Reactor.
Have you long dreamed of melting everything and everything in games? Your dream has come true. You can spray weapons, resources, and even a pilot (although we don't recommend it). The unique resource uranium is the fuel for the reactor. But the AI is also after him. How much uranium can your plane carry?
Killer drones.
And you can also take killer drones with you on a mission! They will shoot at the enemy while you are calmly unpacking gum or wiping goggles at the controls of the aircraft. Remember, drones are robots that wage war on your side!
Endless action.
There is no limit to the amount of action. This is not just a vertical shoot 'em up shooter. It's a strategy! Raids are different from each other: with each game, new opponents and boosters appear, and you discover new locations that will not make even the most avid shooter lover get bored.

The game is still in development.
RED HUNT is still in development. We are testing different mechanics, adding levels and expanding content - everything to make it a mind-blowing action! Do not judge strictly if you think that you have completed the whole game on easy, but rather tell us to add it. Send all suggestions to isorbgame@gmail.com.

If you like arcade shooters, then this is your choice. In the game you will find everything you have been looking for: addictive gameplay, stunning 3D graphics, incredible boss battles and there will even be an online mode to involve your friends in the toughest battles. It's not just a shooting game - it's a battle drive in your phone! The planet is waiting for its hero!
RED HUNT is endlessly playable and absolutely free!

Need network Free No need for Google play
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Size:494 MBVersion:1.06.31



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