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Infinity Souls(Unlimite Souls)


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Infinity Souls(Unlimite Souls) mod apk App Description

Infinity Souls(Unlimite Souls) Please mark my words. The game is hard, it really is hard.

Infinity Souls is a hardcore soul-like ARPG, trying to deliver the most epic and smoothest battle experience for everyone to enjoy on Mobile.

Players will become adventurers, challenging all kinds of trails and facing all sorts of Bosses and finally become the Guardian of the Continent.

During your epic journey, you will face death, many many times, but once you get master the patterns and skills, there are no challenges that you cannot over come.
Remember, it is you who is leveling up, not your Character!

[6 classes, each have unique play styles]
6+1 classes -- Knight/Mercenary/Warrior/Archer/Berserker/Mage/ The Chosen One*
Various weapons/skills can form different battle styles.
·Gloves/Sword/Great Sword/Double Swords/Axe/Bow
Each type of weapons have 6-8 skills.
You can swap between 2 sets of weapons and form your own battle style.

[Rogue-lite, add some randomness to your battle]
Random Dungeons / Boss Rooms / Talents
Once a character dies, the souls of the character will be captured by a random monster on the same level and become a soul-eater. Players would need to slay the soul-eaters to regain their souls back.
(If your souls are captured by a Boss, then you are doomed!)

There are various sacred statues scattered across the maps, different types of statues can bless players with different talents. Players can choose combine talents to support their play style.

[Hardcore soul like Battle, Epic Boss Fights]
5 Dungeons, 3 Floors Each, a total of 15 Floors and 14 Boss Rushes
Different Bosses have different mechanisms and battle combos, players need to get used to the styles of each boss to overcome them.

[Up to 4 players LAN coop experience]
You can summon your friends through the summoner statue to challenge dungeons and bosses together.

Online Coop Mode is currently under development.
Coming soon...

Need network Free No need for Google play
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Infinity Souls(Unlimite Souls) mod apk Information

Size:1.06 GBVersion:1.43



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