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Armor Attack Mobile


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Armor Attack Mobile mod apk App Description

Armor Attack launches a sci-fi ground battle using every possible variation of combat technology, including robots, tanks, wheeled machines and hovercraft armed with lethal weapons, which can be combined in highly tactical ways. Features intense but slow-paced 5v5 gameplay in a realistic, ever-changing environment where you can develop a winning strategy at any range, any unit class, and any weapon.

CUSTOMIZE YOUR FIGHTING MACHINE FOR SPECIFIC COMBAT OBJECTIVES You create an airborne team of massive sci-fi fighting machines, each with its own strengths and weaknesses in terms of control, positioning, speed and maneuverability. Each machine has tactical abilities that change the tide of battle. Cut off escape routes in AOE lethal zones, create your own obstacles and block enemies in narrow corridors, become invisible while hunting and observe your targets from the tops of buildings.

Weapons in Armor Attack have been carefully designed to support a variety of tactical vehicle classes and benefit from the use of environmental landscapes, map obstacles, and your own abilities. A combination of vehicle types, abilities, and weapon builds provide ever-evolving ways to plan, attack, and neutralize every situation.

Each map has its own revolutionary mechanics. Jump right into the heat of battle or use flanks, moving platforms or high ground to outsmart your opponents. But never forget that there are revolutionary mechanics that occur in every battle. Whether it's the ever-changing map layout, strategically important vantage points, or giant AI-controlled bosses, it has the potential to turn the tide of war.

Control what's left on Earth In Armored Assault, the future of society is in the hands of three opposing factions, who fight to control what's left on Earth after decades of war and social unrest. The Fortress, protecting the old world, the Hermit who wanted to evolve life on Earth and establish a new order of things, and the Almighty who decided to build a new center for people beyond their home planet. Each faction has its own play style and unique visual design, allowing players to choose how to integrate their tactics and shooting skills into actual gameplay.

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Language:EnglishDevelopers:KEK Entertainment

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