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Code Z Day Horror Survival 3D(Free Shoping)


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Code Z Day Horror Survival 3D(Free Shoping) mod apk App Description

Code Z Day Horror Survival 3D mod:Free Shoping

Are you a fan of tickling your nerves? Are you attracted by gloomy abandoned premises? Is it a pleasure to wander in thre dark and not know where a monster will jump at you from? Do you feel like a fish in water in an atmosphere of horror? Do you like it when the veins shake with fear? Aren't you afraid of blood in shooters? Does disturbing music caress your ear? Sure your nerves are like ropes? Then you urgently need the novelty of 2021 - the cool horror shooter Doomzday! The game works without internet!

The plot is right! Endless icy space, in the darkness of which a lonely space station glows faintly. It looks abandoned. Doesn't send distress signals. The station name Edelheim pulsates with a green emergency light. Twilight reigns inside, the team seems to have evaporated. Suddenly, somewhere in the depths of the station, shots are heard, terrible inhuman screams are heard, and after a moment everything calms down again. Cautious creeping footsteps are heard. A man with a weapon appears from around the corner. And this person is you! You are the only survivor in this cursed, forgotten place. A long time ago, you lost count for a long time, the station was taken over by monsters. They killed the entire team and damaged the communication system with the outside world, so there is nowhere to wait for help. Your whole life is a struggle to survive.

Doomzday is a classic first-person shooter set in a chilling horror setting. An easy shooter in which your task is to hit the creatures without a miss. A convenient sight helps you in this, if it glows red - pull the trigger without hesitation, you will 100% shoot the fiend of hell. Merciless action-mixing keeps you in suspense all the time, mutants climb on you from all cracks, only have time to exterminate them. The more monsters you send to the next world, the more ammunition you need - use the adventure game option, explore the territory, collect ammo, look for secret places with useful game bonuses.
Separately, it is worth mentioning the excellent 3D graphics of the game, with clear vivid renderings. The free first-person camera option will take you into gloomy corridors, where a bloodthirsty mutant can jump out at you from around every corner. A comfortable motor option with a quick turn, running skill and the ability to move backward with your back more than once will help you save your life.

Doomzday is a top shooting game, which is understandable, with such and such functionality:
★ Simple and straightforward menu, no unnecessary bells and whistles, just everything you need;
★ Realistic 3D graphics - it's scary, as if you yourself wander in the darkened compartments;
★ Option of super-abilities of the character, in addition to the standard pumping of health, defense and weapons;
★ The function of saving the game and loading from the levels already passed;
★ Detailed 3D map with a visual menu of found game bonuses and secrets;
★ Ability to choose the difficulty level - from the easiest to hardcore;
★ Convenient sight - shoot without hesitation when the front sight is red;
★ Talented musical and sound accompaniment, from which the blood runs cold;
★ Works offline - play offline!;
★ Genre combo - shooter, action, walker, horror;
★ Many levels - you never get bored!

A sea of blood and sticky horror is already waiting for you. Doomzday is the most powerful mens shooting game for true connoisseurs of horror. You are guaranteed a great first-person adventure in the company of creepy monsters!

Need network Free No need for Google play
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Code Z Day Horror Survival 3D(Free Shoping) mod apk Information

Size:140 MBVersion:1.3.6a


Language:EnglishDevelopers:BARS interactive

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