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Dead God Land - Light Survival(Mod Menu)


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Dead God Land - Light Survival(Mod Menu) mod apk App Description

Dead God Land - Light Survival Mod Menu: immortality and high damage.

Benefits of the Premium version: ????
- All weapons, armor and clothing can now be repaired on a special repair table ????
- You will always have the option to get your stuff back after the main character dies ????
- Starter kit ????
- Free energy every weekend ????
- Sales at merchant stores will be twice as frequent ✅
- Reduced waiting time for energy recovery ????

Dead God Land is a survival game in which you will have to explore mysterious islands and face a lot of dangers!

Build your shelter to defend yourself from zombies and raiders. Create and upgrade your armor and weapons! With this, it will be easier for you to survive in the post-apocalypse world. On the island you can find a lot of resources that will be useful to you in building your cozy shelter. A set of different beautiful interiors will allow you to decorate your home! Build fences and turrets around your shelter to protect yourself from the zombie hordes! Study blueprints to create the most unusual survival items! Find survivor notes to help you understand the history of the island and solve many mysteries! There are many surviving traders on the islands with very good loot. Find them and fulfill the tasks of these merchants. Traders will reward you generously for well done tasks!
On the Dead God Land archipelago there are also different people who have settled down. They are the local natives, they are researchers from science, they are bandits who are trying to find an ancient treasure! The locals worship the God at the bottom - who is it?
Build more crates so you have a place to put your weapons and other loot! Catch fish and roast them on the fire! Repair and build machines to make crafting fun.
Fix your ATV to travel quickly between locations!
Dead God Land features 2 islands and over 30 locations. Also, there is a 3rd island in development with a huge amount of new content!
A total of 9 islands are planned for Dead God Land to reveal the entire story of our survival game!
In our game, you will have to rescue beautiful girls and have love relationships with them.
Hunt wild animals to get as much food as possible and cook it. From the skins you will be able to sew yourself beautiful and strong clothes!
We wish you a pleasant survival!
Join our active community in Discord - https://discord.gg/jr8BVn6jpK.

Privacy Policy - https://ti.dn.ua/policy/

Need network Free No need for Google play
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Dead God Land - Light Survival(Mod Menu) mod apk Information



Language:EnglishDevelopers:DevVision Games

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