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They Are Coming Zombie Defense(Unlimited Money)


Tag: Action Shooter Zombie


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They Are Coming Zombie Defense mod apk App Description

They Are Coming Zombie Defense Mod:Unlimited Money

They Are Coming is a hybrid game that combines roguelike, tower defense, and base building in a side-scrolling shooter format. It offers a straightforward gaming experience for pure enjoyment.


In the "Defense" mode, you are a post-apocalyptic survivor, returning to the orphanage where you grew up. With the responsibility of safeguarding your younger siblings, you must be willing to give it your all, erecting a formidable defense to prevent your hometown from transforming into another undead wasteland.

Faced with an ever-increasing horde of zombies every day, you are fortunate that the orphanage has left behind an incredible arsenal of weapons and tools to empower you in your battle against these relentless foes. However, you must purchase these vital supplies from the administrator. Armed with your acquired weaponry and tools, you embark on the grim task of systematically slaughtering wave after wave of zombies.

In the "Playground" mode, you can play with unlocked in-game items without the looming threat of death. This allows you to assume the role of an omnipotent creator, crafting defenses against the very zombies that have claimed your life countless times. It's a unique opportunity to experiment, strategize, and turn the tables on these persistent adversaries, or just for fun.

You will enjoy this game with

  • Simple mechanism

  • Zombie Shooting

  • Base building

  • Firearms

  • Melee Weapons

  • Ragdoll Physics

  • Bloody Kills

  • Custom Playground

You will hate this game with

  • Lost everything when you dead

Need network Free No need for Google play
Open Detail
They Are Coming Zombie Defense mod apk Information



Language:EnglishDevelopers:OnHit Developments

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