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Three Kingdoms: The Overlords Dream(Unlimited money)


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Three Kingdoms: The Overlords Dream(Unlimited money) mod apk App Description

Three Kingdoms: The Overlords Dream MOD:Unlimited money

Based on the classic gameplay of the original FC Namco's classic Three Kingdoms strategy work "Three Kingdoms: Overlord's Continent", it is an independent game work that has undergone a lot of screen optimization and gameplay improvements. It is fully developed using Unity. Since its development in 2015, it has been in related fields With the continuous help and encouragement of game enthusiasts, it took one and a half years to complete.

main feature

1. Supports multiple platforms, especially mainstream mobile platforms, and can run smoothly on most mobile phones, tablets and computers.

2. Restore and optimize the classic gameplay of Overlord’s Continent.

3. Optimize and improve image quality.

4. More and richer gameplay:

New cities and generals (including female generals)

moral education system

General immortal mode

Internal Affairs Trusteeship

Random forces

New equipment added

Game events

Divine general puzzle solving system

Custom generals

5. Strengthen and optimize AI, and strive to create a good playmate who can play with players.

Need network Free No need for Google play
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