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subway surf Mod: infinite currency

Skateboards have a life-saving function, and special skateboarding skills can bring more magical effects. They can also be manually turned off by entering the skateboard system.

Many subway parkour props can have an impact on jumping, such as running shoes, boosters, jumping props, etc. Especially jumping props, you can jump up and eat a lot of gold coins, but when you fall, you need to change the direction in a timely manner.

The common function of jumping is to avoid obstacles. After jumping, there is a time of stagnation. During a short period of stagnation, the character's direction can be controlled, which can be very helpful for continuous jumps or places to turn after jumping. So don't jump up and don't even understand, wait until you land.

The distance of jumping is not fixed. On uphill sections, the jumping distance is significantly shorter, while on downhill sections, the jumping distance is much longer. So, when avoiding obstacles in these places, it is important to grasp the distance of the takeoff. (PS: The subway parkour is mostly on flat ground or on trains, and some sections may also have ups and downs)

Techniques for subway parkour through caves

When it comes to subway parkour caves, there are only two types. The scenes are divided into the same parts, with columns in the middle and tunnels on both sides, but the difficulty is vastly different. A better way to die is the one with three pillars in the middle and a super large spacing between them. If you pass through this type of cave, it's easy for you to hang. Hey, go home and wash and sleep. Another type of pain that makes me feel sad is the focus of my explanation today, which is the five pillars in the middle with super short spacing, and the trains on both sides swish past - the death zone in my mind.

When encountering the second type of cave, one should have a clear idea. If one wants to go there, they should avoid four trains. So, how to start? Before entering the cave, try to walk in the middle as much as possible, so that one can determine whether the first train will exit from the left or from the right and avoid it; What should we do with the remaining three trains? I have two ways of passing, hard pass and soft pass (everyone can choose for themselves). If you want to pass through hard, you must have hardware requirements, which is the big jump effect of the super running shoes. Jump on the roof of the car, stop, see a train directly behind you, jump up, quickly row down and land on the roof behind you, and so on. This kind of pass requires courage, care, and composure. If there is a protective board, it is more reliable. The technique of soft passing is to try to run in the right tunnel as much as possible. Why? I don't know if you have noticed it. The subway parkour track is very interesting, not straight forward, but with a certain curvature from right to left, which causes you to jump up when encountering a train in the right tunnel, see if there is a train behind, and the left tunnel cannot do this. If there is no car, jump through, and if there is a car, After the big jump, double tap to the left and slide to the left channel. Note that both of the above methods require super running shoes or a large springboard, which means you can jump high and see far. If there is no such condition, it's better to honestly hide and dodge below.

Mobile game highlights

--3D Col Run, Tour the World

Each version of Subway Parkour will take you to admire the charm of a city, and all cities around the world can be encountered in the game. The unique Subway and unique city scenery will shine in your eyes and be engraved in your mind with the most brilliant and beautiful side.

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