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Let's Go Muffin

Type:Role PlayingVersion:1.2

Tag: Role Playing


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Let's Go Muffin mod apk App Description

"Let's Go Muffin" is a healing idle mobile game. In this relaxing and healing world, players will gain benefits and experience level advancement with zero burden through automatic battles and upgrades!

After Ragnarok, a large number of monsters invaded the Midgard Continent...
The adventurer played by the player accidentally discovers an old camper in an old warehouse, and meets a mysterious talking cat named "McFinn" by chance. So one person and one cat become adventure partners, and together they embark on a journey to find the ruins of the World Tree. !
The game has a unique skill building system, allowing players to independently adjust their strategies and choose the strongest skill combination. They can also cultivate the super cute combat pet "Milemon", fuse and transform with it, and enjoy the excitement of thousands of battles. feel!

[Two people travel together, the adventure will not be lonely with you]
Without you, the journey would not be fun! In the game, two people can form a super strong team. Whether they are lovers, best friends, or family members, they can discuss with each other and freely combine careers. During the adventure all the way north, they can chat about gossip, daily life, and relationships, and enjoy the happiness of the world between two people. Of course, you can also combine with new friends to develop your cute social circle in another world and become a heartthrob that everyone loves.

[Easy to place and drive around among 100 healing sceneries]
Why do I still need to practice when I'm so cute? You're right! "Let's Go McMuffin" allows you to grow and earn passive income by hanging up cutely all day long. Just enter the game when you are free, check what new equipment is in your bag, touch its head and feed the Melomon to make it stronger. Of course, the hundreds of cute sights, rare animals, and handsome bosses during the drive also make many adventurers forget to return! Be careful when driving, adventurer!

[Breakthrough in job transfer, further evolution of professional genres]
Do you... long for power? In the game, you can not only freely combine professional-specific skills, strengthen skill levels, choose talent directions, and continuously become stronger and stronger, but you can also finally change to a more advanced profession, experience different firepower output, and create stronger relationships with teammates. Combining them will double and double the refreshing experience of fighting monsters. I'll be a tank... and you'll be able to deal damage behind me, right? !

[Pet bond, accompany me to become stronger]
Come fuse and evolve with me, Melemon! The unique pet "Muffin" in "Let's Go Muffin" was born into the world due to the call of the adventurer's music. All the Muffins have their own suitable moves. In this world where cuteness is power, the Muffin Not only is it your good partner, it can also transfer its own special abilities to you, making your adventures more relaxed and enjoyable!

[The team is assembled, we won’t let you fight alone]
Sometimes there is a strong enemy that one person cannot defeat, so call your partner! In the trial system of the game, there are many difficult BOSSs that require you to team up with four people. Of course, the greater the difficulty, the greater the reward. Every time you form a team to fight monsters, it will test your tacit understanding with your teammates. Nothing can compare with it. The team cheered when the BOSS fell!

[Socialize at the camp and chat about stories along the way]
Rest is to take a more lovely road. Come and sit in the warm cabin of the tour group if you have nothing to do! There are travelers and Melomons from various countries here. Everyone’s adventure stories are exciting. The investigation team also has some powerful BOSS waiting for everyone to discuss tactics before going out, so that adventurers can fully enjoy the joy of being a commander!

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Let's Go Muffin mod apk Information

Size:597 MBVersion:1.2


Language:ChineseDevelopers:X.D. Network

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